You don’t have to shut down your restaurant!!

Record numbers of restaurants are closing — image from CNBC

Here’s the thing, the pandemic has caused a lot of devastation, especially with the small business community. The entire brick and mortar space is not equally suffering alike though, big chains are doing fine. I’ve spent the past years researching and experiencing why and how this came to be.

Truth is, there’s a huge inequality when it comes to resources available to smaller restaurants compared to chains. Most of it boils down to having in-house tools and online resources that improve their customer’s convenience without being at the restaurant’s expense. Let’s face it, if you own a restaurant, you’re probably using 10+ different apps of which cost you way too much. Other chains build just one app covering everything without having to spend 30% or more on commission fees. What these apps do is drive increased spending from the customers attached to extremely convenient features.

Just check out the Starbucks app! They’re extremely successful because of how great and convenient their app is for their customers.

I mean, can you imagine what it would do for your business if your customers just came back twice as often because of the rewards and how convenient it is for them? That’s exactly what’s happening for the chains that -let’s face it- are actually doing absolutely fine despite the pandemic.

But even for chains and franchises they do incur a lot of expenses that they don’t have to spend on when it comes to app development. The thing is, the results are absolutely amazing, but the costs add up to millions in order to build one app. (I can’t count how many under-budget apps I’ve seen that have been launched that have quickly failed because the updates didn’t come in fast enough).

So ultimately, if you’re a restaurant owner, and are looking for this kind of success, what can you do? Ultimately spending $2M is probably going to be out of your budget. Thing is, there aren’t really many tools available to be able to get it done successfully at an affordable rate.

That’s when I came across this new program from Blismo, where you can get even better features with constant maintenance that business owners don’t need to worry about. They’ve made it really easy and customizable so you can get started in just minutes. It’s also great because their able to bring you those in-house rates (3% instead of 30%) including online-ordering and loyalty options.

Blismo (for customers) & Blisness (for merchants)

As a customer, you get the best convenience at the same level as any chain app, and a greater convenience of not having to download multiple apps.

With the merchants I’ve spoken to, the results are just amazing, where Blismo takes care of everything 24/7 and are extremely affordable. They’re also the only ones I’ve ever come across providing this full service.

Right now they’re in an internal Beta, but reach out to for more details and to try it out!

I have over 6 years offering tech solutions to brick and mortar. My entire life and dream is to help brick and mortar as best as I can with solutions.